novelltävling på Engelska i SF genren.

Fick tips från Ahrvid på Skriva om en novelltävling på Engelska i SF genren.  Planet Europa SF . Någon deadline är ännu inte satt men så här står det på deras hemsida:

Dear European SF Writers:

Things are not as cheery as we might like in E. – W. relations in Europe and my close friend Forry Ackerman is no longer around to be a role model and goodwill ambassador, so I am writing to you now.

Call For Participation for SF writers from E., W., N., and S., Europe for a brand, spankin’ new English-in-Translation European SF story collection

We wish to include lesser-represented parts of Europe, especially.  We tend to science fiction or ‘speculative fiction’ as a more general term, rather than genre fantasy or horror.

Our European “idea man” Cristian Tamas has suggested I get down to some specifics, so here are the Q&A about our proposed text:

What are the other conditions concerning the project of (working title) “Planet Europa” ?

It’s a non-profit project ?

It is non-profit.  If a book is put out by a smaller press like McFarland, there  are no royalties except a few dollars that trickle in over the first year or so.  Copies sell in the tens, not tens of thousands.

The contributions will be paid ?

Just in copies of the text if we use a small-to-medium publisher like McFarland.

Authors’ rights ?

I think that McFarland keeps the rights until the edition is out of print, which happens after a couple years.

I will write our series editor Don Palumbo ( for the critical essay collection Orbiting Ray Bradbury’s Mars) for confirmation of their conditions.McFarland is a publisher where we have a good chance.  I find any big publishers are will to take the book, then contributors might get paid.

Deadline ?

None until we have a publisher.  But start now if anyone is translating a previously written story into English.  Do not wait for our landing the publisher.

Editor’s e-mail address ?

Gloria McMillan : glomc[at]dakotacom[dot]net

Only texts translated into English ?

English texts make this easier because I can’t do translations from all the languages and good translators are expensive.

Reprints or just non-published works ?

We can use any story that has been published in another language than English, but just not if it has already been published in English.  I think the best we can do is to give European SF writers a chance at exposure in English.

Dimension of the texts ? How many words or signs ?

I would set a rough limit at 8,000 words.

Manuscript guidelines ?

8000 words is about 20 pp. 12 pt. Times New Roman font.  Use a Word .doc file or an .rtf file.  Single-spaced is fine.

Short author’s bio ?

Just a few sentences would be wonderful for readers to have.

Author’s picture ?

If authors are comfortable with sending a photo, that is a way to get to know them, as well.


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