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Här gäller det inte bara att skriva på engelska utan också att lämna ifrån sig alla rättigheter, mot en betalning på 90-120 $ om jag tolkat det hela rätt.

The Amazing Stories Magazine Gernsback Science Fiction Short Story Contest will be conducted under the following rules:


  • Top 3 Winners will be paid at a rate of 6¢ per word
  • The Top 3 Winners will qualify for SFWA Associate Membership (single story of at least 1000 words @ 6 cents a word)
  • The Top 10 stories selected will be published in Amazing Stories Magazine Online (w/option for later epub anthology)
  • Each finalist will receive a Certificate Suitable for Framing, acknowledging their status.


  • No contest fees required to submit
  • 1500 – 2000 Words (max)
  • Submitted stories must relate to the contest theme: What will our Solar System look like 250 years from now – a positive take on the exploration, colonization and exploitation of Sol system.
  • The total number of submissions is limited to 100
  • Submissions window open for one month or 100 submissions, whichever comes first
  • New fiction only. Each submission must be a previously unpublished story
  • One submission per entrant
  • Any submission outside the contest word count range (high or low) automatically disqualified
  • Submissions received after the deadline, or after first 100 submissions, will not be considered
  • Amazing Stories staff contributors are not eligible to enter
  • Submissions will have the author’s name redacted prior to being read by judges and readers
  • Designated Amazing Stories staff will read all submissions, and will recommend 20 for the final round
  • A panel of three SFWA Active Member judges will select the top 10 and 1st thru 3rd place winners.
  • All selections are final


  • Submitters grant the following rights to Amazing Stories
  • First electronic publication
  • Non-Exclusive Electronic Archiving
  • Non-Exclusive option to anthologize
  • Non-Exclusive option for Audio rights
  • The right to use their name, biographical information, the title of their work and excerpts of the work to promote the writing contest and associated works


  • Submissions will be accepted through a Submittable account exclusively (details revealed here on site)
  • Standard short story manuscript format should be used (sample here:
  • The contest will open for submissions on July 1st, 2015.  It will close at Midnight, (EST) on July 31st, 2015, or once 100 submissions have been received
  • Submissions not using Submittable will be disqualified
  • Winning contestants may not announce their win until released by Amazing Stories
  • Individuals or groups that attempt to game, manipulate or disrupt the contest will be disqualified from all future contests
  • Official information regarding the contest will be published on the Amazing Stories website
  • Questions should be directed to

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